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How many calories should I eat?

The time has changed. Everybody now days are calorie conscious. It’s one of the most frequent questions asked by people “How many calories my body require?” There is no straight answer to this question. This question varies from person to person. Various factors come into play like your age, gender, physical activity. But, the average figure is 1500 calories for women and 2000 calories for man. Your lifestyle also plays huge role in your calorie intake. Like, if you are a geek and spend all day in front of pc, you require fewer calories. But if you are a marketing manager and your day is extremely hectic. You require more calories.
If you want to lose weight, than to lose 1 lb of weight you need to burn 3500 calories. That’s rough estimate and varies from body to body. But this is average. The other vital factor to calculate how much calorie you need daily is TDEE. TDEE is also known as total daily energy expenditure. You might be consuming around 1900 calories if your daily schedule is not that hectic. There are lot of calorie guide books available in market. Using the book, you will be able to know which food item contains how much calories. Using that as reference, you can calculate how much calories you are taking daily.
The other factor while calculating calories is Basal Metabolism rate. It’s the rate at which your metabolism works. Some human beings burn fat at much faster pace. Some doesn’t burn at that faster rate. Do a Google search and you will be able to know how to calculate your basal metabolism rate. I would have included the process here, but it’s beyond the scope this article.
The other main factor regarding calorie is what type of calories you are taking. There are “Good calories” and “Bad calories”. The calories taken from refined processed carbohydrates are one of the worse calories. Its biggest reason for heart diseases. Obesity, heart diseases, hypertension, weight gain are some of the diseases caused by refined processes carbohydrates.
Instead, you should take “Fat burning” foods. These types of foods create thermic effect. These carbohydrates can actually help you in weight loss. It can also help your body in maintaining weight. Boiled fruits and vegetables are best source of calories. You won’t feel urge to eat mindlessly and fruits will make you healthy.

If you want to gain weight, than arithmetic of calorie intake totally changes. Scientists say, a person shouldn’t put more than 1 to 1 and half pound weight per week. Beyond this, your body can react in abnormal way. To put 1 pound weight per week, you need to intake extra 400 calories per day. It might seem difficult at first. But, slowly and slowly, you will be able to adjust with extra 400 calories per day. If you can join gym, than that will be perfect situation. I hope your question How many calories should i eat is answered.


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